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Customized Incentive Compensation Programs

Too many incentive programs fail to achieve the desired results. Often, programs are either too far removed from employees’ day-to-day activities or they are too complex, encourage the wrong behaviours, or provide limited opportunity for individuals to truly influence results. Whatever the failure, poorly designed incentive reward programs cost organizations millions of dollars each and every year.

Axiom Performance has a long record of creating strong incentive compensation programs, including team-based gain-sharing plans and more universally applied bonus programs. We have developed programs for teams (including plants, warehouses, credit & collection, and customer service), focused profit-sharing plans, and mid-term incentive rewards that have all aligned with company goals and provided clear line of sight for participants.

Our consulting services can assist with the development of

  • Team-based gain-sharing programs
  • Annual financial and individual incentive compensation programs
  • Mid-term incentives (2–3 years)
  • Long-term incentives (3+ years)
  • Incentive programs that reinforce values and culture

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