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Case Study: Executive Coaching in Waterloo

A realization dawned on the owner of a services company located in Waterloo, Ontario – what got him here, wasn’t going to get him to his next big goal.  To date, his leadership had built a solid product offering, a strong customer base, and a steady income stream.  However, the company had plateaued well short of what was possible; they weren’t close to achieving their full potential.  The problem was the plateau was proving to be very difficult to rise above.  The owner astutely realized that leaders get the results they lead, and decided to challenge his own leadership approach and called Axiom.

Starting with the End in Mind

When first sitting down with Greg Pinks, Chief Leadership Officer of Axiom, they started by defining the end goals.  What would success look like in 2, 5, or 10 years?  What is the ultimate success the business and the leader are trying to achieve?  From here they laid groundwork for what the team would have to look like to meet these lofty goals, and how they would need to be working, acting, and interacting with one another.  Finally, the big question – how would the owner have to lead in order to have this team acting as they just described; fully and completely aligned with achieving the future business goals?  What they came up with was a defined shift from how he was leading today.

Try, Learn, Refine and … Succeed

With a recipe for leadership success, Axiom and the owner set up bi-weekly coaching discussions with his desired leadership shift as the focus.  He enlisted the support of someone close to him in the business to give him feedback on whether they were seeing the personal changes he was trying to make.  With Axiom’s help he also created self-accountability questions that he reflected on each week, sending a quick synopsis to his coach Greg.  During the bi-weekly coaching session, he would highlight an area of opportunity or challenge and they would jointly explore different approaches.  Upon choosing an approach, the owner would “try it out” over the upcoming weeks, reflect on what worked and what didn’t, and come to the next coaching discussion to review learnings and refined approaches.  Within 6 months of making some significant changes to how he led (and to his credit, personally challenging changes), business results were shifting too – the plateau of the last 5 years was being left behind and the path to the long-term goals was feeling achievable.

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Axiom | Locally Situated

Axiom Performance is locally situated near Waterloo, Ontario and primed to provide HR consulting services to clients that are large enough to have significant people strategy opportunities (eg. culture change, employee engagement, incentive design, talent development, growth, mergers, restructuring, etc.) yet small enough that they don’t have a full-time CHRO.

We have worked with organizations with as few as 5 employees and with publicly traded corporations of 75,000 plus employees.  Our sweet-spot is organizations with between 75 and 500 employees – those that could benefit from supplementing their current, more tactically focused, HR services in order to solve some of their pressing people strategy issues or achieve their business growth projections.  We work within one of two models: a) retained HR services (e.g. 1/2 day to 2 days per month), or b) project based assignments.

Axiom has worked locally with businesses in the following sectors: legal services, auto parts, manufacturing, health care, sales & distribution, not-for-profit, insurance, and agriculture. |  HR Consulting Waterloo  |