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Case Study: Leadership Development in Kitchener

Axiom was selected by a leading architecture and planning firm located in Kitchener, Ontario to provide leadership development for their team of key leaders.  Many of these leaders had grown up in the business, were functional experts, and hadn’t benefited from much leadership training in the past.  To get the most out of this opportunity Axiom presented 2-hour monthly modules on a variety of leadership topics.  Each module was customized to ensure a strong fit with the unique environment of the firm.

Development Assignments

To maximize the effectiveness, each session ended with a take-away assignment.  In the weeks following each module, participants were to take one or more of the concepts discussed and apply them on-the-job.  The start of the next monthly session was a team discussion on how their implementation assignments went.  What worked, what didn’t, what leaders learned.

100% Relevant to the Organization; 100% Relevant to the Individual

Axiom firmly believes that leadership development is not a 1 or 2 day event.  It is ongoing learning, testing and refining of new skills.  This monthly modular approach allowed leaders to participate together, learn together, try new approaches together, and ultimately learn from each other.  All this was done within the context of what was most important for them and most important for the organization.

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Axiom | Locally Situated

Axiom Performance is locally situated near Kitchener, Ontario and primed to provide HR consulting services to clients that are large enough to have significant people strategy opportunities (eg. culture change, employee engagement, incentive design, talent development, growth, mergers, restructuring, etc.) yet small enough that they don’t have a full-time CHRO.

We have worked with organizations with as few as 5 employees and with publicly traded corporations of 75,000 plus employees.  Our sweet-spot is organizations with between 75 and 500 employees – those that could benefit from supplementing their current, more tactically focused, HR services in order to solve some of their pressing people strategy issues or achieve their business growth projections.  We work within one of two models: a) retained HR services (e.g. 1/2 day to 2 days per month), or b) project based assignments.

Axiom has worked locally with businesses in the following sectors: legal services, auto parts, manufacturing, health care, sales & distribution, not-for-profit, insurance, and agriculture.  |  HR Consulting Kitchener |