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Case Study: Organizational Restructuring in Cambridge

A firm in Cambridge, Ontario hadn’t reviewed their organizational structure in over 7 years and was feeling that they weren’t set up to achieve their vision as well as they once were. Additionally, the external environment had changed substantially, and it was sure to shift again. Without on-site expertise in organizational design they called Axiom.

Understanding what success looks like

Following Axiom’s four step approach to restructuring we started by working with the leadership team to develop a shared understanding of why change was necessary. Not only did this develop clarity for the leadership team, it also served as a great starting point for communicating with employees down the road. From there we clearly articulated what the new structure had to achieve.  From minimal silos, to strong opportunities for succession planning, to decision making as close to the customer as possible, we came to understand the key design components highly important to this organization.

Freely exploring different options

Axiom worked with the leadership team in reviewing the different structures often seen in the marketplace (from product based to regional, from matrix to flatarchy) and the pros and cons of each. We also reviewed the pros and cons of how others within their industry were structured. With a bit of creating anew here, and duplicating from there, we developed two viable options for more fulsome analysis.

Considering each individual during implementation

Organizational change is only as effective as how each individual succeeds within the new environment, perhaps with new business processes, new coworkers, or a new boss. Axiom worked with this Cambridge organization to ensure each affected person was set up for success. An understanding of some change management approaches also allowed for an implementation where people felt that i) the changes were ultimately better for customers, and ii) that there was the feeling of partnership in how they were being supported to make the new world a reality.

The focus on the individual (and their teams) went a long way to achieving significant improvements in employee perceptions of the new structure vs. the old in the months that followed. Teams were aligned to the right outcomes again and more effective and efficient as a result.

Axiom | Locally Situated

Axiom Performance is locally situated near Cambridge, Ontario and primed to provide HR consulting services to clients that are large enough to have significant people strategy opportunities (eg. culture change, employee engagement, incentive design, talent development, growth, mergers, restructuring, etc.) yet small enough that they don’t have a full-time CHRO.

We have worked with organizations with as few as 5 employees and with publicly traded corporations of 75,000 plus employees.  Our sweet-spot is organizations with between 75 and 500 employees – those that could benefit from supplementing their current, more tactically focused, HR services in order to solve some of their pressing people strategy issues or achieve their business growth projections.  We work within one of two models: a) retained HR services (e.g. 1/2 day to 2 days per month), or b) project based assignments.

Axiom has worked locally with businesses in the following sectors: legal services, auto parts, manufacturing, health care, sales & distribution, not-for-profit, insurance, and agriculture.