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Employee Engagement Strategies Recognized as the Best in Canada

Greg Pinks, Axiom’s Chief Leadership Officer, completed his undergraduate work in employee satisfaction and his Master’s thesis on employee commitment. Over the past decade he has been refining the art of employee engagement and the employee experience. While he led the people practices at Corporate Express, the team’s work was recognized by The Globe & Mail and Hewitt Associates for creating one of the most engaged organizations in Canada.

Respected.  Protected.  Connected.

Pick up any book on employee engagement, employee motivation, the employee experience, creating great workplaces, or creating innovative workplaces and there will be 3 underlying themes.  The Axiom Model of Leadership & Engagement is predicated on this research, dating back to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  In essence any bundle of leadership initiatives or people practices must satisfy these three elements:

Respected:  The base and most fundamental need.  Are employees treated with dignity and respect throughout the organization?  From the moment they are first introduced through the recruitment process to the moment they leave.  Are even the most challenging processes (e.g. downsizings and terminations) based on the fundamental of highest respect?

Protected:  Author and speaker Simon Sinek passionately states that the role of protecting the team is one of the most critical roles that a leader plays.  People, when knowing that others’ have their back, are far more creative and productive in the long-term that those working from a place of fear.  Pick up any article on “innovation” and a fundamental tenant will be creating a culture that understands that mistakes are critical to moving forward and learning.  Being protected does not mean having a job for life – but it does mean that your boss’ goal is to do all they can to help you succeed.

Connected:  The highest level of the three needs, and critically important.  Engagement literature highlights the human desire to be part of something bigger than oneself.  This boils down to employees knowing the mission of the organization and how they ultimately contribute.  The more connected employees feel to their boss, their peers, and the organization as a whole, the more they will ultimately contribute and engage others (including your customers) in the pursuit of excellence.

As a leader, do your employees feel respected, protected, and connected?”  Do your organizational people practices support the same?

Moving Forward

Consider the points below before your organization invests time and resources on higher levels of employee engagement:

  1. Employee engagement cannot be bought, it must be earned.
  2. High levels of engagement will not further an organization’s success in the absence of a well-understood organizational mission.
  3. There is no magic wand; it is the culmination of an aligned people strategy, coupled with strong leaders, that bring out the best in all employees.

Axiom’s expertise can help your organization create a platform for industry leading engagement. We work with you to ensure the following key drivers are all aligned and supporting excellence:

  • Vision & communication
  • Leadership & coaching
  • Recognition & rewards
  • Role design & contributions
  • Work/life balance & community