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Creating Cultures That Inspire Success

It is often said that if you are not managing your money, your money is managing you. The same is true of organizational culture. But many organizations either aren’t proactively defining what they want their culture to be, or know what they want and make the necessary changes, but 6 months later the culture is drifting back to where it started.

Axiom’s approach is to work with you to understand the business culture that will empower your organization to succeed. We identify the aspects of your culture that are working and what and where the barriers to change are. In both realms we identify the supporting and blocking behaviours that backstop the actions – the actions that are driving results.  We consider every role, especially leaders, so every employee understands when their actions and behaviours are aligned with organizational success.

Similar to the Axiom Results Model, we start by explicitly stating the required shift in business results.  We then work with your team to identify the aligned cultural shift to attain these higher level results.  Finally we work with leaders to identify, very specifically, what new experiences they must create in the workplace to facilitate and support this new culture.  It is these experiences that create “water-cooler conversations” that either move your culture forward, or hold your culture back.

Axiom also looks at the broader picture of business culture:

  • Is the department or organizational vision clear?
  • Does everyone understand the vision?
  • Are the resources available to bring success to life?
  • Are the rewards systems aligned?
  • Do you have the right skills and skill training?
  • How are meetings handled?

As cultures change, the supporting structures must change as well.  If you keep your old supporting structures, they will ultimately pull your culture back to the “old ways.”

All these elements need to be in play to create the culture you want.  Our proven approach to organizational culture change will guide you every step of the way, whether you’re re-energizing the culture within a single department, or across your entire organization.

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