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Customized, Executive Coaching

Let’s put your leadership growth into overdrive as we tailor coaching strategies to meet your unique personal and professional circumstances.

The Axiom Results Model

Most executives want to ensure their most precious resource, time, is used to drive results.  Axiom has developed a coaching model that ensures results are achieved (fine print “if followed” – yes, there is always a catch!).  It builds on some of the best programs in the world *.

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  • Business Results” – Clearly define and articulate the business result in the format of ‘from x to y by when’,
  • Team Interactions” – Identify the ways the team needs to work to get the above results, and
  • Leader Behaviours” – Identify how you must work in order to support the team as you all aim for the Business Results.   These will ultimately be the focus of our coaching conversations.
  • And then we add “Active Questions” – Daily or weekly questions that align with Leader Behaviours above.  These are observable behaviours that the leader will continually rate themselves on to i) ensure focus, ii) promote self-reflection, iii) track progress, and iv) foster accountability.

Executive Coaching Program

Axiom’s program focuses on leadership growth by understanding key goals (as above), identifying alternate approaches, and creating measurable outcomes over a defined period. Our integrated approach

  • Focuses on achieving and solidifying 6-month leadership goals
  • Uses peer or organizational feedback and/or personal assessments to understand leadership strengths and communication style
  • Creates a custom plan – a road-map to your goals
  • Discovers and refines new leadership skills
  • Resolves situational roadblocks that may emerge along the way

Executive coaching programs typically last 6–9 months and consist of 4 stages:

  • Stage 1:  Assessment and Strengths Identification
  • Stage 2:  Strategies and Action Planning
  • Stage 3:  1:1 Coaching, Accountability, and Support
  • Stage 4:  Sustain & Anchor

Axiom’s coaching programs are excellent to integrate into broader leadership development programs, or stand-alone.

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* The Axiom Results Model amalgamates some of the outstanding work of Mary Beth O’Neil (Executive Coaching with Backbone and Heart), Marshall Goldsmith (Triggers – Creating behavior that lasts), McChesney, Covey, & Huling (The 4 Disciplines of Execution) and Connors & Smith (Change the Culture, Change the Game).