5 Challenges with Culture Change

Here is a worthy read from RoundPegg on why culture change proves so difficult for senior leaders.  The most compelling argument they list is focusing on “culture change” rather than “culture alignment”.  Change, while likely needed, is only effective if fully aligned with the new direction.  And it must be aligned throughout the organization.  Even aligned change in only a few areas will eventually be swallowed up by areas of the old culture that remain misaligned.

To recap their list of why leaders fail at culture change:

  • Lack of data
  • Leaders who don’t walk the talk
  • Confusing employee engagement and culture
  • Substituting perks for culture
  • Attempting to change rather than align culture

Enjoy the read.

The 5 Real Reasons Business Leaders Fail at Culture Management


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Helping the Micro-Manager

Micro-managers – the bane of leadership existence.

As this HBR article suggests, when a leader says I need to be involved as “there is too much at stake to allow this to go wrong” what they are really saying is “I don’t trust my team to do their jobs according to my standards” which is saying a lot!

Check out the article – some signs of micromanagement and good suggestions to “get over yourself”.  (Obviously it’s not for you … it’s for someone you work with!)



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