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Successful mergers and acquisitions require extensive planning, the unfailing commitment of leadership, and great agility. Falling short in these key areas leads to fewer than 50% of M&As succeeding.

One important element often overlooked is an analysis of the new organization’s key talent. No matter what the industry, it is people who run the business. New entities must know who the key people are, how they contribute to the business, and how likely they are to continue to succeed in the new structure. In these situations, past performance does not necessarily predict future performance.

Axiom has extensive experience in many elements of M&As, including integrating existing talent into new organizations. We can supplement your current resources in any of the following areas:

    • Due diligence
    • Risk mitigation
    • Key talent review
    • Integration planning
    • Key employee retention
    • Integration execution:
      • project management
      • organizational structure
      • compensation
      • health & wellness benefits
      • culture
      • business processes
      • policies
      • employee value propositions

If you are looking to strengthen your understanding of the integration process, a great resource is Price Pritchett’s After the Merger: The Authoritative Guide for Integration Success.  This book, better than any other I have seen, provides a step by step guide to combining two distinct companies into one solid organization.

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